Our Story

The time was now.

Chris Gannon, CEO and co-founder, along with his father, Tim Gannon, listened, researched, taste-tested, sought the right talent and experimented with the right ideas to bring about the boldest, freshest brand in the fast-casual dining market.

Bolay CEO Chris Gannon

Chris Gannon

Bolay co-founder Tim Gannon

Tim Gannon

Through his years of experience traveling the world and tasting international cuisine from professional’s kitchens and friendly homes, Gannon knows what makes great flavors. By listening to what people wanted and craved from their food, he came to understand what the restaurant scene urgently needed: a brand that believed in excellent food that fuels an amazing lifestyle. Therefore, Bolay was created as more than just another fast-casual restaurant. It was borne from the belief that the “fast” and the “casual” can be the extraordinary and nutritious. Bolay’s business model, vision and mission is rooted in the same dedication to excellence that motivated Chris as an entrepreneur, a student of business and cultures, and to become the second youngest person to win the US Polo Championship. It’s also paired with a spirit of fun that guests feel as soon as they walk in. The word Bolay itself combines the signature dish, the bol, with “olay” to evoke the excitement around the brand, good health and great living.

Bolay grand opening ribbon cutting
Bolay restaurant team members group photo
Bolay restaurant team members on serving line

Tim and Chris Gannon with their lucky Saddle

Chris also comes from a tradition of restaurant innovators and big thinkers. His father, and Bolay cofounder, Tim Gannon founded Outback Steakhouse with $37 in his pocket after selling a riding saddle which he used as inspiration to become a competitive polo player. Hundreds of restaurants later, and over a billion dollars sold in Bloomin’ Onion’s, Tim Gannon presented Chris with that same lucky saddle, and at Tim’s Polo Hall of Fame induction.

Now armed with ambition, purpose and the lucky saddle, tradition was ready to meet the new and the bold. Using both his instincts and discipline, Chris made connections and found partners. He called on the most talented people he knew in the business, such as Wolfgang Puck protégé Chef Martin Oswald, to design a nutrient rich, exciting and flavorful menu. He collaborated with talents outside of the restaurant business giving opportunity to those who weren’t just passionate about foods, but who live life like a genuine adventure. With this team assembled, he began making cold-press juices from his garage, connecting with local businesses and residents. The promise was to make their lives and communities better by offering them nutrient-rich food that they’d fall in love with – yes, kale, brussel sprouts, quinoa, premium proteins, friendly faces and exceptional service that would make them come back for more!

Now, Bolay’s vision for a restaurant and catering menu to offer food that is craveable, nutritious, wholesome and nourishing is a reality. Bolay creates the perfect blend of nutrient-rich and savory flavors by offering freshly prepared ingredients in a setting that is polished and enthusiastic. Created with just the right amount of tasty and creative zest in every bol, guests will have no problem making any meal outrageously Bold.

Today, the Gannon’s are elevating the business by embracing the wholeness of food well before the plate hits the table. “The Bolay Way” is one that is meant to invite and inspire. Quick and delicious is provided with consideration of everything that makes food great – community, health, passion, flavor and service.

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