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3 Benefits of Going Vegan

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Going Vegan has numerous advantages in term of improving your health. Here are 3 of the biggest ways going vegan help your healthy lifestyle.

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Losing Weight


One of the biggest reasons many people try a vegan diet for the first time is because they are trying to lose excess weight. Several studies conducted on vegan and non-vegan individuals shows that on average a vegan person has a lower average body weight. This mostly has to do with portion control and lower intake of sugar and fats.


Lowers Blood Sugar


Recent studies have found that those who adhere to a strict vegan diet also have a 70% lower chance of contracting diabetes and have improved kidney function. Veganism can also help with disorders related to diabetes like systemic distal polyneuropathy, which causes chronic pain.


Lowers Risk of Heart Disease


One of the most notable benefits from switching to a vegan diet is the lowered risk of contracting heart disease. Studies have shown that Vegan diets can reduce risk by as much as 40%. Mostly plant passed diets can help control cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar.


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