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Restaurant in Boca Raton | The Rustic Flag Company Story

Bolay is much more than just a restaurant in Boca Raton and the South Florida area. Our restaurants were founded on appreciation for international cultures, cuisines, and excellence. We incorporate these ideals into both our flavorful food and our company culture. You will be sure to notice this as you step into our restaurants which we decorate tastefully and with inspiring imagery. Some of our restaurants include modern and patriotic American flags made by The Rustic Flag Company. Just like our food, these flags have a story of their own.

A Passion for Craftsmanship

The Rustic Flag Company creates more than just American flags. Veterans handcraft these works of art using a variety of quality materials. These veterans have a true passion for both craftsmanship and their country. Founded by Army combat veteran Justin Scott, the veteran-ran company creates premium, quality hand crafted products. It all started when Mr. Scott, who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, created the first flag in his garage. He was attempting to replicate a wooden version of his DCU Combat patch in a stained design with hand chiseled stars. After his friend bought the item, the pieces quickly grew in popularity thanks to social media and the demand among veterans. As a result, the Rustic Flag Company continues to grow.

Where can I find the best restaurant in Boca Raton?

Find Rustic Flags at a Bolay Restaurant in Boca Raton

Now, The Rustic Flag Company has sold over 65,000 handcrafted flags. The company is also the nation’s largest consumer of IX American Spruce. To support other businesses like themselves, The Rustic Flag Company sources their materials from other local American owned businesses. Visit a Bolay Restaurant in Boca Raton and in Palm Beach County to see one of these flags for yourselves.

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