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Office Catering West Palm Beach | Catering to Different Dietary Needs

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Do you have any upcoming business meeting, seminar or a simple celebration in the office for a milestone achieved? Confused what type of foods to prepare? It is important to create a diverse Office Catering West Palm Beach menu to consider the different dietary choices we have so everyone can enjoy. To help you narrow down your options, here are some dietary needs you need to consider for your next office catering:


Vegetarians do not eat any type of meat including pork, fish, chicken, beef, and seafood. Vegetarian products are also available in the market that is considered a substitute to the regular processed meat products like a burger patty, tofu and many more. Tell your caterer to get creative with recipes that are plant-based and delicious.


Vegan is a way of life that does not only avoid meat but also its by-products, like eggs, dairy, honey, and more. Just like vegetarian products, there are also vegan products in the market that are substitutes to regular foods, like vegan cookies, vegan pizza, and vegan meat substitutes. Everything you can think of there is a vegan alternative!


These are the type of people who have lactose intolerance. They cannot digest a type of sugar found in dairy products. If it is a part of the menu, you might want to consider dairy alternatives. Some on the market are almond milk, soy milk and other soy products like cheese. 


There are people who are gluten sensitive. This means that they have a painful gastrointestinal disorder whenever their stomach interacts with anything that has gluten. Avoid serving bread, pasta, salad dressings and more. If you do, make sure they are gluten-free. 

where is office catering west palm beach?

Where to find Office Catering West Palm Beach?

Find a caterer who can create a diverse Office Catering West Palm Beach menu for your company. That way everyone can enjoy delicious food and celebrate with you! At Bolay, we offer a diverse menu that caters to all dietary needs. Each ingredient we put in our food has been selected with care and purpose with you in mind. Call us today for inquiries or order online! 

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