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Is Tofu Healthy? 7 Reasons That Will Surprise You

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Whether you’re a foodie or not, you’ve probably had tofu before. In case you’re not familiar about it, it’s also known as bean curd, and it’s made in the same way that traditional dairy cheeses are made – by pressing glutinous soy milk into flat white blocks. For many centuries, tofu has been a staple in many diets. However, did you know that it also offers a host of health benefits? Knowing the reasons why you should eat more of it will make you want to order a tofu dish in one of the Lake Nona Restaurants.

Acts as a Cholesterol Sponge

Did you know that while your body is digesting the tofu, the tofu absorbs all the disease-causing food and oil? Not only is it low in cholesterol, but it reduces cholesterol levels as well.

Helps You Manage Your Weight

If you want to shed off those unwanted pounds, then you should give soy-based, low-calorie foods a go. Not only will it reduce your weight, but it’ll also have a positive impact on your blood lipids.

Prevents Kidney Diseases

Your kidneys will thank you if you’ll incorporate tofu into your diet because it’s a rich source of protein, sodium, and phosphorus which aid in the prevention of chronic kidney diseases.

Prevents Hair Loss

Tofu is perfect for those who want to prevent hair loss because it’s a rich source of keratin, a protein that promotes hair growth.

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Since tofu has lecithin in it, it increases your body’s production of phospholipids phosphatidic acid and phosphatidylserine which enhances your neuron’s normal functioning. In other words, it can improve your memory and cognitive function.

Prevents Anemia

Tofu is a great source of iron that’s why it can help prevent anemia among adults.

It Eases the Symptoms of Menopause

Isoflavones are plant-based compounds found in tofu that mimic the effect of the estrogen hormone in your body. It helps relieve hot flashes among women who are going through menopause.

a bowl of brussels sprouts a good side dish with tofu

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