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Five Foods You Thought Were Healthy

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If you are wondering why you’re still not losing weight even after eating healthy, then maybe you should double check on the kind of “healthy foods” you are consuming. Not all labels are honest, most of them are marketing so do not be fooled by fat-free or sugar-free labels. It is easier if you just eat at Healthy Restaurant Jupiter FL to free yourself from worrying about sneaky calories. Here are the 5 foods you thought were healthy.


This may be your favorite “healthy breakfast” option but granolas are high in sugar and contain a lot of calories. You can make your own granola instead so you know how much sugar is in there.

Smoothies and Detox Juices

I know it sounds conveniently healthy, but smoothies are high in sugar, especially if you buy them from Starbucks or Jamba Juice. The fruits and vegetables lose their fiber in the juicing process and the amount of sugar can spike up your insulin level. An alternative to this is eating your fruits and vegetable to keep the fiber intact and the sugar at bay!

Fat-Free Products

We automatically assume that consuming fat is the reason why we are gaining weight, which is why fat-free labels are so enticing. But in order to maintain the flavor in fat-free products, they will have to substitute it with sugar. See for yourself and compare the labels of fat-free and regular products.


Flavored yogurts are packed with artificial additive and added sugars. Avoid them if you can. A good option of yogurt in the market is Greek yogurts. They are plain, simple and without added sugar. You can add fresh fruits to sweeten it or honey.

Protein Bars, Energy Bars, Meal Replacement Bars

These bars claim to be healthy but if you check the labels, they contain the same amount of sugar, sodium, and calories as chocolate bars do. Snack wisely and have some fruits or vegetable instead!

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Looking for a Healthy Restaurant Jupiter FL?

Now you have an idea of the possible culprit as to why you are not losing weight even after eating healthy. Choose what you fuel your body wisely. Choose to eat at Healthy Restaurant Jupiter FL. At Bolay, we are mindful of the ingredients and the quality of food we are serving you. We believe that it is the food that fuels our minds and bodies. Dine with us today and be a part of the healthy living movement!

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