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Healthy Food Myths Debunked

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We are constantly bombarded with various information related to Healthy Food Wellington FL but not all of them are true. Most of them are claims which are not supported by research. To help you steer away from false information, here are some healthy food myths debunked. 

Snacking Improves Metabolism

The rate of your metabolism is directly related to your genes and what you eat, not the frequency of your snacking. Target your attention in snacking wisely instead of snacking frequently. Do this by eating foods that are natural and can boost your metabolism.

Juicing is the Way to Detox

Juicing is good to help you get the vitamins and nutrients that you need but your diet should not revolve around juicing. Juicing strips off the fiber from the fruits and vegetables and this takes away a vital component for a faster metabolism. What you can do instead is to incorporate juicing in your diet plus eat your fruits and vegetables. 

Organic Means More Nutrients Compared to Regular Products

Organic does not mean that they contain more nutrients than their regular counterparts. It just means that it is not exposed to pesticide, herbicides, and processes that involve toxins compared to non-organic products. 

Egg Yolks are High in Bad Cholesterol

Studies show that although eggs are high in cholesterol it does not cause heart disease or an increase in blood cholesterol. Eggs are high in protein, rich in iron, vitamins, and minerals. Everything in moderation is good so do not be afraid to eat eggs!

Low-Fat Foods are Healthier

We automatically think that a product is healthy the moment we see a ‘low-fat’ or ‘fat-free’ label on it but it is not necessarily true. Fat-free or low-fat foods often has been substituted with high amounts of sugar to maintain its flavor and taste. 

where is a good healthy food Wellington fl?

Looking for Healthy Food Wellington FL?

Now that these Healthy Food Wellington FL myths have been debunked, you can now choose the type of foods to fuel your body. At Bolay, we choose our ingredients with you in mind. We make sure they are fresh and of the best quality for your body, mind, and spirit. Contact us now to order online or see our locations for any restaurants near you! 

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