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Several Myths About Meatless Diets

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Have you recently made a big lifestyle change by switching to an all-out meatless diet? Are you planning to hire Healthy Catering Jupiter for your upcoming birthday party? Perhaps the world wasn’t all that supportive of your decision to develop a penchant for seitan. As soon as your friends and family began to notice that you eat differently, they probably lectured you with one of the myths below. It’s up to you whether you decide to debunk these on the spot or just let them think what they want to think.

If There’s No Meat or Dairy in the Diet, You Won’t Build Strong Bones

Absolutely false. You can find the calcium, vitamin D, and protein that you need in plant foods such as kale, bok choy, broccoli, calcium-set tofu as well as fortified soymilk. Even if you decide to forgo dairy food products, you can still reach your recommended dietary allowance of calcium if you choose foods that are calcium-fortified such as ready-to-eat cereals, tofu, orange juice, and non-dairy milk. Furthermore, you can also boost your calcium intake by consuming leafy green vegetable throughout your day. To complement your diet, weight-bearing exercises such as brisk walking, strength training, and yoga can significantly increase your bone strength.

You Won’t Get Enough Protein So Your Workouts Will Suffer

Sadly, most people think that our strength comes from meat. We tend to forget that two high-performance athletes (David Carter, NFL defensive end and Matt Frazier, ultra-marathoner) follow a meat-free diet. Vegetarians and vegans are more concerned about the quality rather than the quantity of the food they consume to ensure that the fuel of their food is maximized.

You’ll Feel Deprived

Nope. You can find a bevy of creative solutions to meat-free eating exploding on social media and everywhere else. Even certified carnivores love vegan and vegetarian options that used to sound weird to them.

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Where to Find Healthy Catering Jupiter

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