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Gluten Free Palm Beach | The Unknown Dangers of Gluten

where is good gluten free palm beach?

You may think that eating cheeseburgers every day can shorten your life. However, did you know that eating that nice slice of whole wheat bread on a daily basis can be bad for you as well? Bread contains gluten – a staple of the all-American diet that’s hidden in your favorite pasta, rolls, pizza, wraps, and other processed foods. What you may not be aware of is that gluten can cause serious health issues for countless people. Knowing these dangers might make you want to switch to gluten free Palm Beach food choices.

Inflammation of the Gut

When you accidentally cut your finger, you notice that the surrounding area becomes red, tender, and inflamed. This is a classic example of how our immune system naturally responds to injury. Gluten consumption can provoke the same response in your gastrointestinal tract like a splinter that’s digging into your gut’s lining.

Leaky Gut

When your gut lining becomes inflamed, the inflammation messes up its ability to selectively release the digested substances into your body. As a result, indigestible molecules such as dust, bacteria, and viruses begin to leak into your bloodstream. Gluten accelerates this whole process.

Increased Vulnerability to Brain Issues

Gluten consumption can put your brain at stake. People who have either celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity experience brain fog and fatigue. Those who regularly suffer microbe disturbances and gut inflammation as an immune inflammatory response to gluten are most likely to develop dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, studies confirm the link between autoimmunity and depression.

where is good gluten free palm beach?

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