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Gluten Free Catering Jupiter | 5 Amazing Gluten-Free Foods You’ll Love

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Are you one of a thousand others who are sensitive to gluten? Do you experience uncomfortable gastrointestinal and physical symptoms every time you consume food products that contain gluten? Do you secretly hope that the events you go to have gluten free catering Jupiter? We all know that the process of transitioning to a gluten-free diet can be somewhat tricky because all products that have rye, wheat, or triticale are not allowed. Thankfully, aside from fruits and vegetables, you’ve got these naturally gluten-free foods that can add excitement to your diet!


Did you know that one cup of this superfood offers 8 grams of protein? No wonder vegetarians love it! Since quinoa is a complete protein, it contains the essential amino acids that the human body isn’t able to produce itself. You can boost your intake of quinoa if this is added to your salads.

Steel Cut Oats

You’re free to enjoy a hearty bowl of steel-cut oats because it’s a great source of complex carbohydrates that keep your energy levels high. Since it contains 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving, it aids in maintaining your digestive regularity and blood sugar regulation as it reduces your blood cholesterol levels.

Brown Rice

Craving for the starchy grain? If you’re missing your starchy carbs, brown rice is the healthy substitute that can give you what you need. It’s an excellent source of vitamin B3, vitamin B1, and vitamin B6, phosphorus, manganese, and iron.

Coarsely Ground Cornmeal

In case you’re not aware, a single cup of this intensely satisfying alternative to products that have gluten can give you 9 grams of fiber, 23% of your daily iron requirement, 31% of your recommended daily thiamin, and 39% of your recommended daily magnesium.

Chia Seeds

This magical food that plumps up when you soak it in water is packed with nutrients. You can have 11 grams of fiber, 5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, 4 grams of protein, 30% of your recommended daily intake of manganese, and 18% of your recommended daily calcium.

brussels sprouts a gluten free food

Where to Find Gluten Free Catering Jupiter

Have you often wondered where to find Gluten Free Catering Jupiter that fits your dietary requirements? Head down to Bolay today so that you can build your own bowls with our 100% gluten-free ingredients! Check out our online menu to see for yourself!

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