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Food in Wellington FL | 4 Fruits and Vegetables to Enjoy This Summer

Where can I find the best food in Wellington fl?

Summer in South Florida means fun in the sun, BBQ’s, and an abundance of summer produce. From berries to greens, there are so many different delicious fruit and veggie options you can incorporate into your diet. Try these four fruits and veggies when you’re out looking for food in Wellington FL to stay healthy this summer.


Tomatoes love warm summer weather. Heirloom, cherry and other tomato varieties always take over farmers markets during the summer months. To stay in shape this summer, add tomatoes to a salad, sauce or even soup to get a boost of vitamins and even improve digestion.

Where can I find the best food in Wellington fl?

Green Beans

One of the most versatile and nutritious vegetables is the green bean. In fact, green beans can improve bone health, assist in weight loss and deliver high amounts of iron.

Basil and Herbs

Basil and other herbs can deliver a fresh note when incorporated into any dish. Try mixing tomatoes with herbs and a little oil for an addition to any delicious dish. In this way, you’re helping reduce inflammation and gaining a boost of antioxidants.


There’s nothing as refreshing as fresh berries in the summer time. Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and more can help keep you hydrated and refreshed all summer long. Additionally, eating berries can help reduce bloating and keep your beach body on point.

Eat Seasonal Food in Wellington FL

Eating seasonal fruits and veggies provides health benefits and can help the local economy. For delicious seasonal food in Wellington FL, visit Bolay Restaurants. By eating a diet with balance and nutrition, you’re helping your body stay healthy and happy.

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