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Three Ingredients to Make Your Next Event Healthy and Delicious

Where can I get good event catering Palm Beach?

When it comes to event catering Palm Beach, it isn’t always easy to please the masses. Thankfully for you, there are other options.

Roasted Vegetables

One of the most underrated types of vegetables is roasted vegetables. Not only is it an incredible way to create a depth of flavor but it also is a way to get your non-traditional veggie eaters to enjoy healthier foods. Things like roasted root vegetables or roasted cauliflower are a great way to sneak in vegetables that are usually not eaten often when preparing other ways.

Rice and Other Grains

One of the best ways to feed a lot of people without giving them something unhealthy. Rice comes in all sort of types and each has its own distinct flavor. Typically, rice is considerably more healthy than other sides like potatoes. The average serving of rice is almost 100 calories less than mashed potatoes and 300 calories less than a serving of fries.

Good, Hearty Proteins

When it comes to feeding a large crowd of people, proteins are not always easy to serve. Usually, people want their own individual portion of food, but thankfully there are catering options that can work around that. Having good, hearty proteins like cubed steak or chicken can be a way of giving people a lot of food without having to worry about providing whole portions of meat. This also lets the people that only want a little bit of food a way of having the exact amount they want.

Where is the best event catering Palm Beach?

Looking for Event Catering Palm Beach?

Do you know where you can find event catering Palm Beach that offers items like roasted vegetables, rice, and other grains, and hearty proteins? Bolay! Visit one of our seven locations today for more information.

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