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Why Rice is Your Best Friend When it Comes to Eating Healthy

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When it comes to eating healthy or finding good catering West Palm Beach, it isn’t always easy to find what you want. Unhealthy options are always around you because they are not only inexpensive but also a way to feed a lot of people. One way to do just that but without making bad choices are through rice.

Better for You Than Potatoes or Other Starches

One reason you see rice becoming more and more popular is that it is considerably better for you than potatoes or other starches. Potatoes aren’t inherently bad for you, but the way they are prepared makes them incredibly unhealthy. In addition to that, eating them in excess can lead to a buildup of starchy fats in your body.

Fills You Up Without Weighing You Down

Rice is one way someone can eat a lot of food without feeling weighed down. Unlike potatoes or other inexpensive starches, rice is something that doesn’t feel like a heavy starch. Because it does not require things like oil, butter, or other fattening substances to be delicious, you can eat a ton of it without feeling like you just ate a basket of fries.

Low Calorie and Gluten Free

One big benefit of working rice into your diet is that it is often a lower calorie option than other popular sides or starches. One serving of white rice is typically around 170 calories while a serving of mashed potatoes is over 230 calories and a serving of French fries is over 480 calories. In addition to being lower in calories, rice is gluten friendly too — which can’t be said for potatoes and most other starches.

Where is good catering west palm beach?

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