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How to Take Your Tailgating Party from Fried to Fresh

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It is football season again! For some it means dusting off the old lucky jersey, watching videos on how to paint your face while looking in a mirror, and defrosting steaks. For others, it means getting dragged to an event with a bunch of unhealthy foods. Your tailgate doesn’t have to be unhealthy though. Thankfully, finding catering West Palm Beach is no longer difficult to get.

Variety is the Spice of Life

If you are going to avoid the fried foods for your tailgate, you’ll need to have a wide variety of options to please your crowd. Lots of different types of foods and better yet things that go with them. Sauces, side dishes, and more will help make your tailgate party memorable and delicious.

The Greener the Better

What does any healthy tailgate need if not lots of veggies! You can never have too many different types of salads and vegetables at any event. Given how easy it is to find a tasty, affordable, and bountiful amount of vegetables should be easy to come by. Pick your favorites and include them all in your next tailgate.

Don’t Forget About the Meat!

While vegetables and healthy options are great, you can still include some traditional tailgate foods in your spread. Healthy proteins like lean steak, grilled chicken, and roasted pork are not only healthy but delicious options to feed the masses.

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Looking for Catering West Palm Beach?

Creating a healthy and plentiful tailgating party can be tough on your own. Why not save yourself time and effort by contacting us to cater your next tailgate. Catering with Bolay is always a touchdown.

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